What to expect


            What to Expect with a Typical Four Session  Program

Free Consultation

Our free 60 minute consultation provides:

  • an opportunity to meet one another
  • obtain information about your specific issue 
  • to discuss how we might help
  • provide you an opportunity to ask questions 
  • if the sessions are going to involve hypnosis, we then move into conducting a few simple, short, fun exercises to learn how you are best able to be hypnotized. We then answer any questions you might have about hypnosis so that you feel comfortable about going into hypnosis.
  •  experience a brief introductory hypnosis session

 After the consultation you can decide if you would like to proceed with a course of sessions.

The First Session

In a relaxed, private setting, our first session together is our longest session for it includes several important segments which set the direction for all the subsequent sessions.  The first session is generally 2 hours long.

1)    What happens first during the initial session

  • We conduct an in-depth discussion and analysis of the issue you would like help with.
  • The in-depth discussion goes beyond the history and detail of your concern, for it explores how you think about and represent the issue to yourself, how it is impacting your life currently and what the desired outcomes and goals are. 
  • The important personalized information gleaned from this in-depth discussion brings an understanding about how you “work” .  This enables us to craft and customize all the sessions specifically to you.

2)   We conduct our first hypnotic induction. The hypnosis session is the best and most

      enjoyable part of the session.                        

What to expect during hypnosis
  • You will sit or lay back in a comfortable position, usually with some relaxing background sound or music playing. 
  • Once you are comfortable you will be guided through a series of instructions and visualizations to relax you
  • you will remain very relaxed and comfortable throughout hypnosis while the hypnotherapist simply talks to you and guides you through further visualizations and instructions
  • you are conscious and aware and retain your ability to move or vocalize during the the whole procedure and will understand everything that is being said. It’s similar to relaxing in a comfortable living room chair with your eyes closed while listening to the TV in the background. You can hear the TV at all times but your mind may wander away from it here and there and you may feel like you could doze off at any time. Most people find it very pleasant!

Things that you may or may not experience during hypnosis

  • your mind may drift here and there and then come back to attending to what the hypnotist is saying
  • you could feel pleasantly light or heavy
  • you may see colours or experience other light sensory phenomenon
  • you may experience a distorted perception of time, feeling as though you've been hypnotized for 10 minutes when it's actually been closer to 30 minutes
  • you might not experience anything in particular, only that if feels like you are lying comfortably and listening 

Subsequent sessions

The remaining three sessions / appointments are considerably shorter - each lasting about 75 minutes. Usually various different hypnotic induction methods are used in the various sessions and each session of hypnosis may be quite different from the other.

What Transpires during the three remaining sessions

  • we review how your previous week has gone and note any progress or setbacks 
  • some general counselling may happen to work with some of the presenting issues
  • a teaching or instructional component is reviewed eg. self-hypnosis, various tools and strategies for working with the particular issue at hand 
  • the remaining portion of the session is devoted to hypnosis. 


The effect of the sessions on the presenting issue are cumulative over the course of the program as change usually becomes more pronounced as the sessions progress. 

Fade Away Effect

Interestingly, although the change can often be quite obvious to observers by the end of the sessions, not uncommonly the change does not feel dramatic or obvious to the person who had the hypnosis. It often just feels as if the issue kind of “faded away” and that they moved onto other things in their lives. Typically no big personality changes or sudden transformation appears to occur - other than just generally feeling better. 

A Surprising Comparison

Commonly a person finds that it all feels very natural!  It is often only upon doing a “before and after shot” - comparing how you were doing during the first visit vs. how you are doing now plus reviewing the goal you had set - does one realize the extent of the change that has taken place.  People are often then shocked by their own progress!

* As with all therapies, individual results may vary.

Please note that these services may be eligible for coverage under standard extended health benefit plans!

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