Weight Management

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Having trouble with traditional methods of weight loss?

It’s common knowledge that will-power and diets are not effective approaches at maintaining weight loss.  

What is required for permanent and healthy weightless is a change in lifestyle and eating habits. Hypnosis can help by working with the unconscious habits and patterns that lead to unhealthy  and "emotional" eating patterns.

Healing and our natural state 

People are not born with weight management problems. Being significantly overweight is not a natural state, and there is no reason one must remain locked in the unnatural state of a losing battle with their weight.   We are designed to be restored to our natural state.  

Maintaining weight-loss is often possible if the underlying roots of the problem are identified. With our combined approach one can also learn to use the mechanisms of the mind to .   The person becomes the solution instead of the problem.  

Getting to the Roots

To get to the "root" of the problem and heal the relevant underlying issues our approach combines both the conscious and unconscious minds using the following:

  • hypnotherapy
  • counselling 
  • behavioral strategies ( eg. automatic system)
  • mindfulness
  • principles for goal achievement 

Enhance your on-going relationship with food

We all have a life long relationship with food.  Problems occur when this naturally positive relationship becomes distorted.

The good news: even entrenched patterns can be changed!  

An optimal relationship with food is when one’s dietary habits meet all of ones needs, including:

  • enjoyment and pleasure
  • satiation
  • nutritional requirements 
  • energy needs
  • social enjoyment
  • economic feasibility
  • maintains health
  • creates a healthy body weight

A customized personal program for diet will less likely be sustainable if it does not adequately meet all of the above needs.  

The focus

The focus of weight management is four-fold:

  1. identify and address the root causes/triggers of emotion-based eating
  2. enhance your your relationship with food so it will optimally meet your physical and emotional needs 
  3. customize a personalized sustainable maintenance plan, including relevant principles, approaches and strategies that keep the plan manageable over the long term
  4. Establish positive expectancy and break free from ones debilitating 'identification with failure'

Hypnotherapy can positively transform

  • old unconscious perceptions and patterns regarding food and eating
  • deeply rooted negative motivations / triggers
  • conditioned responses that keep you cycling back to old entrenched habits and patterns 
  • self esteem issues

A Process

Weight management is a daily practice. Maintaining weight-loss is therefore more of a multi-facetted ongoing practice rather than a simple quick fix.   With practice and over time weight management becomes more rooted in our automatic system and thus becomes more natural and requires less work.  

The Good News

Our program is designed to address feelings of being flawed and powerless.  It focus's on establishing:

  • new, more effective ways of meeting your emotional and physical needs 
  • learning the principles for successfully maintaining your goals
  • restoring your self esteem and self confidence 
  • blossoming, revealing your true self
  • restoring your power to make choices
  • establishing a more satisfying relationship with food minus the negative consequences
  • discovering that a healthy lifestyle is natural for you 

* As with all therapies, individual results may vary.

Please note that these services may be eligible for coverage under standard extended health benefit plans!

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