Transpersonal Approaches

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What is ‘Transpersonal’ Psychology and Hypnosis?

Transpersonal psychology and hypnosis provide an alternative for personal growth and development that include:

  • consciousness expansion
  • spiritual development
  • overall wellness. 

This approach involves utilizing alternative techniques and strategies for achieving a heightened state of awareness and well-being.

Wikipedia defines transpersonal psychology as follows:

Transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. It is also possible to define it as a "spiritual psychology". The transpersonal is defined as "experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche or cosmos".

Who would benefit from Transpersonal Approaches?

Transpersonal approaches are primarily for those who are interested in self-development, rather than aiming to fix specific problems.  Transpersonal psychology is appropriate for those who are seeking to explore and expand their sense of self, including exploring new ideas and understandings in consciousness. 

When is the Transpersonal not Recommended?

Transpersonal approaches are not recommended for people who are experiencing psychiatric problems, have a significant mental health issue or who are in crisis.  Regular hypnotic and counselling approaches are best for working with “problem” areas.

Transpersonal Approaches offered at Glen Tara

We offer transpersonal approaches primarily through periodic workshops and group events, however they may also be offered on an individual basis upon request.  Some of the Transpersonal approaches we offer are:

Past life Regression

Past life regression utilizes standard age regression techniques but goes a step further. The individual is regressed past the birth experience to what appears to be a previous life that was experienced prior to the current life being lived now.

Do you really go into a past life? 

This is a question that cannot be definitively answered and is left up to the individual to decide. It is very difficult to verify the facts of a life previously lived.  However there have been some extraordinary cases where people are able to look up and confirm intimate details of an historical persons life, that they would have no way of knowing. 

Some religions  believe in the reality and authenticity of past lives.

In Tibet for example, it is believed that, once the current Dalai Lama dies, his new incarnation must be found and an extensive search begins. Potential candidates for the “new” incarnation (very young boys) are given extensive tests to see if they are able to recall particular details of the previous Dalai Lama’s life and specific knowledge that only he had. The new Dalai Lama is selected only after there has been definitive proof that the candidate is able to describe very specific details of the past life. 

There are other explanations for what appears to be the experience of a past life while under hypnotic regression. It is possible that the experience is “confabulated” or  fabricated by the unconscious mind - much like the unconscious mind constructs or “fabricates” dreams at night.

However, even if the experience is “made up” by the unconscious mind, it is felt that there is a helpful or therapeutic reason why it “makes up” the particular experience that is encountered during a past life regression and that by reflecting upon and analyzing the past life experience,  we will benefit from the information gained. 

In this sense past life regression is similar to dream analysis, whereby contemplating and working with the themes, images etc. from our dreams can be insightful, instructive, illuminating and helpful for our growth and development.

Regardless of whether or not the experience of a past life under regression is “real” or “fabricated”, the experience still appears to be beneficial for many people. Some people find the experience to be healing and liberating and they feel that they have a better understanding of long-standing issues that they have been struggling with (the origins of which seem to be rooted in past-life traumas or experiences).

So whether you choose to believe that a past life experience is “real” or “fabricated”, past life regression can be at least interesting and fascinating and for some, healing and transformative.

The Esdaile State

The Esdaile state is a very deep state of hypnosis named after it’s “discoverer” Dr. James Esdaile who lived in the 1800’s. 

While working in India with very little modern medical equipment, Dr. Esdaile found that he was able to conduct major surgeries safely and with no pain to the patient by immersing them into a very deep hypnotic state. In such a state, the individual appears unresponsive to verbal input and complete bodily anesthesia is achieved.


During the Esdaile state it appears that the subject is unresponsive to commands and suggestions and may not always emerge when requested to do so by the hypnotist. Although this looks like cause for concern and gets people  who are unfamiliar with hypnosis rather worried, it is not the case that they are “stuck” in hypnosis. In point of fact, the person has entered into such a deep state of complete pleasurable euphoria that they simply do not want to or “can’t be bothered” to respond to commands or requests to emerge. 

Fortunately there are several ways for a hypnotist to emerge someone from the Esdaile state and of course the person would eventually emerge themselves when they were good and ready anyway. Because the person remains fully aware, they would also emerge themselves if there was an urgent or emergency situation.

Healing and Consciousness Exploration:

For a long while it was felt that the Esdaile state was an interesting but somewhat useless phenomena (although still good for performing surgery!) since the person could not be worked with in the traditional way - ie. they would not respond to suggestions or do what the hypnotist asked. More recently however, some hypnotists have found ways to communicate and work with people in the Esdaile state that can be productive and profoundly healing. 

It is believed by some to be a pathway to communicating with the “higher self” or higher levels of consciousness. Some have also found that just the very act of entering into the Esdaile state can be very therapeutic and healing. For the person experiencing the Esdaile state, it can be very enjoyable. 

Not everyone may be capable of achieving the Esdaile state, but for those who are particularly skilled at going deeply into hypnosis, the Esdaile state may worth trying as an modality of healing, consciousness exploration and enjoyment.


Hyperemperia essentially means “enhanced experience”. It refers to a hypnotic technique of consciousness expansion by utilizing attention to sensory experience, vivid verbal descriptions and guided imagery. 

Suitable for a group setting, hyperemperia techniques can lead to very enjoyable experiences and altered states of consciousness. It can be also be blended with positive suggestions and affirmations that may help individuals achieve their goals etc. in “waking” life.

Mindfulness and Meditation  

Mindfulness and meditation can be the cornerstones of personal and spiritual growth and development. They are also core elements of stress and anxiety management. 

These approaches lead to both the skill of being in the “present moment” and perhaps even more importantly, to gain awareness of oneself. Some simply refer to this as “becoming conscious”. 

Mindfulness and meditation allow us to become more acutely and deeply aware of our inner processes and to effectively bring more of what is typically unconscious in ourselves into consciousness. By more fully integrating our conscious and unconscious selves, we become more whole, gain more control over ourselves and to grow in many ways.

Other Transpersonal Approaches offered

Various other transpersonal approaches may be offered and explored, primarily within a small group or workshop setting. These may include: 

Healing work

Healing work can involve a variety of techniques ranging from guided imagery and creative visualization, use of sound, breath work, energy work, Shamanic journeying, ritual etc. Healing does not necessarily mean “curing” but rather helping body mind and spirit attain a sense of progression, hope, peace and acceptance.

Dream exploration and analysis

The exploration of dreams has a long history within psychology, spirituality and personal development. Exploring ones dreams and dream symbolism can lead to insight and personal growth. Therefore dream work may be offered for people wishing to explore this rich and powerful dimension of the unconscious mind

Shadow work

Derived from Jungian concepts, “shadow work” refers to exploring the repressed and ejected parts of the self in order to attain a greater sense of wholeness, self-knowledge and personal growth. 

The “shadow” does not refer to anything dark or evil, but rather to those parts of ourselves that we do not like or that we reject on some level. If the “shadow” is not acknowledged and incorporated into the personality, then it will surface in other, often dysfunctional ways (often by projecting the things we don’t like about ourselves (our “shadows”) onto other people) which can create problems for ourselves and our relationships. 

Exploring one’s shadow can be a rich and fulfilling experience which some deem necessary for full growth and development.

* As with all therapies, individual results may vary.

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