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Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis for smoking cessation is one of the most well known and popular applications of hypnotherapy.  Quitting smoking can often be made easier when using hypnosis as it works on the unconscious programming that underlies the habit. 

Effective in both individual and group sessions, hypnosis for smoking cessation is offered in two, three and four session programs - depending on the nature of the habit and individual preference for preparation and reinforcement prior to and following the actual stop-smoking session.

The type of program recommended is based on assessment of the habit and how deeply entrenched it is. The two session program is most effective with a lighter habit and where your motivation to stop is high. It consists of a single stop-smoking session and a follow-up reinforcer session approximately one week later to reinforce your commitment to stop smoking for good.

The three session program is recommended for people who "want to" want to stop smoking but need some preparation and motivation prior to the actual stop smoking date. A follow-up reinforcer session is provided approximately one week later to reinforce your commitment to remain smoke-free. 

The four session program may be best for heavy smokers with a long smoking history who may need extra support and/or reinforcement to stop smoking. The fours session can be set up in differs ways - as a gradual reduction program (the number of cigarettes is reduced over the sessions and complete smoking cessation is achieved on the final session); or additional preparatory sessions or reinforcers sessions may be provided depending on individual preference. 

* As with all therapies, individual results may vary.

Please note that these services may be eligible for coverage under standard extended health benefit plans!

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